Understanding the Working Principle and Benefits of LTL Freight Tracking

LTL Freight Tracking Software
  • Dec 20, 2022

Not every shipper fills their trailer with freight, but that doesn’t mean the items should be left inside the warehouse. Instead, the shipper should consider LTL shipping. LTL shipping offers benefits to the shipper and fleets transporting the freight. 

What Do You Mean by LTL Shipping? 

LTL shipping is less than truckload shipping which involves transporting freight that doesn’t fill the trailer. The shipper minimizes the costs by paying only the area of the trailer that their shipment takes up. Other LTL shippers handle the cost of using the remaining space. 

What is the Difference between LTL and FTL Freight?

FTL freight means a Full Truck Load. While an LTL shipment may be 500 or 5,000 pounds, the FTL shipment tends to be much larger which often weighs 20,000 pounds or more. These types of shipments fill up completely or most parts of the truck. 

Typically, LTL freight costs less because the shipments are smaller in size and the shipper only pays for the used space. This kind of freight can take much longer because of more delivery stops. 

How Does LTL Shipping Work?

The LTL shipping comprises partial loads put together to create a full truckload. This type of shipping more often works on the hub and spoke model. The local terminals are known as the spokes whereas the distribution centers or larger terminals are considered hubs. 

The commercial freight company will charge based on the following factors:

Space – The amount of space to be used is based on the dimensions and weight. 

Items – The shipments that require special handling and care will cost you more. Pickup and Delivery Locations – The further the location, the higher will be the shipping cost. 

How Long Does LTL Shipping Take? 

LTL shipping times differ from one shipment to another. The process can be faster as the shipper doesn’t need to wait to fill the full truckload. If the fleet carrier is waiting for other loads going to the same destination or at least the same direction, it can take longer. LTL freight delivery can take longer time as every truck will make a greater number of stops at many nearer locations. 

An LTL shipment can be always expedited and requires an extra fee for the delivery. You can make your LTL shipment delivery more efficient by:

  • Offering precise dimensions for shipments to maximize the capacity of carriers
  • Getting the accurate bill of lading done before the arrival of carriers
  • Loading goods onto pallets with heavy items on the bottom and labels to protect and help track shipments 

What are the Main Benefits of LTL Shipping? 

Considering LTL shipping helps in minimizing the costs for the shipper. Rather than paying the full truck freight, the shipper requires paying for the space that they use in the truck. The reduced cost is particularly incredible for small businesses that require shipping fewer goods, but still want to go above customers’ expectations for delivery arrival times. 

In addition, choosing LTL shipping can enhance the safety of the freight as possible. More often, LTL freight tracking is easy as customers stay up-to-date on the exact destination of their shipment. You can do the LTL carrier tracks as effortlessly as possible and get to know the real-time location of your shipment. Most LTL shipments are packed on pallets before loading on the truck which helps in keeping smaller units more secure as they are moved into larger units. 

However, LTL shipping is considered a more sustainable approach to shipping as more trucks are running optimized routes and carrying full loads. Both shippers and fleet can maintain their carbon footprint by reducing emissions. 

Bottom Line –

Do you want to learn more about LTL freight shipping in detail? Feel free to contact Aurora Software today at +1 800-304-1488. Our LTL Freight Tracking software can help manage your business. Our NOVA’s Color Vision LTL dispatch module is easy to use and is designed to present information pertinently to your dispatchers at a glance. 

Through our LTL carrier tracking software, you can expect to get timely and accurate information that will help your staff in making every business decision. Call us right now and let us provide you with the best LTL freight-tracking software solution. 

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