Accounting Ledger



The TRANS*EAZ and NOVA General Ledger systems are designed like the systems sold for large mainframe computers. TRANS*EAZ / NOVA General Ledger gives your company all of the power and flexibility available to the largest companies.

The system supports multi-company, multi-division, and multi-department companies. Income and expense (P&L) reports can be prepared at the division level. This means that you can set up each of your terminals, or other revenue centers such as a shop or garage, as divisions, and evaluate each operation separately.

Key features include:

  • The account identifier for the general ledger system is up to twenty-two characters long; can identify the company, division, and account.
  • G/L interfaces with sub-ledgers such as A/R, A/P, and payroll.
  • Reports and screen displays give a complete analysis of individual accounts, ranges of accounts, or all journal entries in the system.
  • Quick access to information needed to close accounting periods and financial reports.
  • Complete financial statements are prepared and ready for distribution.
  • Provides year-to-date and year-to-year comparisons for a complete performance picture.
  • Accounting periods can be reopened to allow for late or adjusting entries.
  • Gives you a quick financial picture and then gets final reports after the full details are available.
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