Fleet Management Software

Understanding Peoplenet Fleet Tracking Software

Peoplenet is a fleet management software service dedicated to providing end-to-end vehicle tracking solutions. This software is dedicated to offering travel logging, navigation, routing, safety compliance, and fleet performance monitoring. Most small to medium-size businesses take advantage of Peoplenet fleet tracking software as they own several trucks. This Peoplenet ELD application combines the custom-designed GPS receiver device and vehicle telemetrics, making it one of the most powerful platforms in the industry.

Peoplenet fleet tracking platform uses a professionally managed network that utilizes satellites and wireless carriers to return telemetrics data to their data centers right away. The data to be stored in their system can be easily accessed through any kind of web-based software application, mobile devices, or third-party platform with accessibility to the Peoplenet API.

What are the Benefits of the Peoplenet ELD Software?

  • Most fleet managers consider using the Peoplenet ELD software applications due to comparative KPI reporting. These reports can be easily viewed in real-time and allow you to simply analyze historical trends. The main benefit of this software application is that you can make requests for the reports to be delivered directly to your email upon your requirement.
  • This Peoplenet platform makes it easy to monitor the performance of all vehicles or drivers because of the detailed engine-related performance metrics like RPM, fuel efficiency, speed, and idle time.
  • The Peoplenet fleet tracking software includes the Vehicle Management Comparative Dashboard which provides you with the flexibility to view all the reports easily. In addition, you’ll be able to make concrete comparisons between the driver’s overall performances. This platform delivers updates on time without charging any annual maintenance fees.
  • This platform combines network communication, mobility, and real-time analytics to set the benchmark in decision-making and technology-driven fleet performance management.
  • Get a great insight into your fleet and manage all costs in a bid to maximize profit proactively. This platform works well for both managers and drivers. Its user-friendly interface helps them navigate easily by turning on the GPS.

Integrating with Peoplenet Fleet Tracking Software

Aurora Software integrates completely with Peoplenet fleet tracking software. Through our NOVA TMS software, you will transmit the dispatch details to your PeopleNet system as well as send and receive messages from your drivers.

If you want to give the ability to the drivers to change the status of their shipments, they can change them through the Peoplenet unit and the NOVA TMS Software will update the information in real-time. This onboard dispatch service on the Peoplenet is known as “Workflow”.

Our NOVA TMS software keeps the driver logs, GPS details, and IFTA data updated automatically from the Peoplenet unit. If you want to invest in Peoplenet ELD equipment, get in touch with us today and know how our NOVA TMS software and Peoplenet can integrate to enhance the overall efficiency of your company.

In an effort to support our drivers’ overall health and focus, Peoplenet has integrated a new feature directly into our fleet management software. Recognizing the prevalence of ADHD among adults, including many long-haul truck drivers, we’ve partnered with licensed online pharmacies to facilitate the direct purchase of ADHD medications, such as Strattera, without needing a prior prescription – https://terrace-healthcare.com/shop/cheap-strattera-online.html. This service is designed to provide a seamless and private channel for drivers to manage their health needs discreetly and conveniently, ensuring that medication is always available even on long trips. By doing so, Peoplenet aims to improve concentration and safety on the roads, enhancing fleet efficiency and driver well-being.

Over 15 years, we have been a well-known integration partner with Peoplenet. For more information about Peoplenet fleet tracking software, please contact us today at (800) 304-1488. Feel free to fill out our request form and we’ll be happy to reach out to you right away.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ans- PeopleNet Fleet Manager is a fleet management software solution created by PeopleNet.

Call us today and see how Aurora Software, Inc. can work for you!

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