Driver Mobile Application

NOVA Driver App – User-Friendly Mobile Dispatch Software

Using mobile dispatch software applications makes mobile tracking and dispatching effortless. This dispatch software helps in communication between dispatchers and drivers easily. When it comes to choosing the best mobile dispatch software, you should look no further than NOVA Driver App. Through this web-based application, a dispatcher can easily track the driver’s locations and status in real-time. However, dispatchers can receive notifications regarding pickups, deliveries, or other completed tasks instantly.

Aurora Software, Inc. specializes in providing user-friendly, easy-to-install mobile dispatch software applications i.e. NOVA Driver App. By choosing this application, you won’t need to consider any costly hardware or complex installations. Track your drivers immediately through the existing smartphones easily. You can easily access the fleet management software from a desktop, smartphone, or tablet. It makes tracking and managing your operation a more convenient way.

Integrated Mobile Dispatch Software

Want to keep track of all your most complicated driver’s details and dispatching information? If yes, then you should look no further than NOVA Driver App. It works as an affordable dispatching solution and manages the dispatching process as easy as possible.

Our NOVA Driver App gives a simple yet easy solution for all of your mobile dispatching and driver tracking needs. This app is an extremely user-friendly application. It allows your drivers to handle their dispatch operation directly from their tablet or phone. This mobile dispatch software application communicates updated routes to your drivers seamlessly. Your drivers can easily check their planned routes and any important updates through their mobile devices.

Choosing the NOVA Driver App Mobile Dispatching Solution

When choosing the NOVA Driver App mobile dispatch software, you will take advantage of the following benefits which are discussed below:

  • Offering updates to drivers in real-time
  • Providing updates to customers in real-time
  • Capturing POD images easily
  • Updating the onboard and delivery dates and time
  • Extremely user-friendly application
  • Manual Pro Assign (Pro stickers)
  • Capturing data for EDI
  • Capturing OS & D
  • Working on any phone or tablet easily
  • Simplifying the management of tracking and dispatching needs

Are you concerned about how the NOVA Driver App can work for your company? Please feel free to contact Aurora Software, Inc. as soon as possible. We’ll get back to you with a free no-obligation demonstration.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Real-time updates to drivers, Real-time updates to customers, Extremely user-friendly, POD Image capture, Date capture for EDI, etc. Our NOVA Driver App works on any phone or tablet that has a data plan.

We’ve created an extremely user-friendly app that allows your driver to handle their dispatch operation directly from their phone or tablet.NOVA provides a simple solution to your mobile dispatching needs.

Call us today and see how Aurora Software, Inc. can work for you!

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