Payroll Software

Advanced Trucking Payroll Software

Operating a trucking business isn’t easy at all! There are several responsibilities and challenges on the way that cannot be anticipated. And the accounting system of the trucking industry plays the most crucial role.

To make the accounting system work more efficiently we at Aurora Software have brought you Trans*Eaz and NOVA payroll modules, the two advanced trucking payroll software that will make managing the accounting system more efficient for you.

How a trucking payroll software helps your trucking business?

Productivity Doubles

With our advanced payroll software, you can improve cash flow and reduce driver pay errors which helps you in increasing staff retention. Our trucking payroll software is designed and developed specifically for meeting the unique and challenging needs of the trucking industry while saving time to a great extent with completely integrated payroll entries, settlement processes, payable, receivables, and financial intelligence.

Besides that, it becomes easier to eliminate errors and reduce the time taken for generating and paying your staff, operators, carriers, and drivers with our efficient trucking payroll software.

No More Driver Pay Stress

Our trucking payroll software enables you to carry out easier and faster payroll services that include pay calculations of the operator and carrier, wages, and expenses as well with each. Apart from that complicated paper works get simplified and the accounting and payroll process of your trucking business gets streamlined with the help of our software.

Increase Billing Rapidly

With our trucking payroll software, you get opportunities to generate more cash easily and faster as it updates your entire billing process instantly and updates the entire billing process automatically. Along with that entering orders and trips updates invoicing and driver pay automatically, which further offers you more time than you can invest in growing your business. It also helps in increasing cash flow and streamlining the routine processes such as factoring, outstanding customer statements, which further improves financial cost analysis.

What Makes Our Advanced Trucking Payroll Software a Practical Solution?

At Aurora Software we bring you the Trans*Eaz and NOVA payroll modules, which are fully featured systems that will process your payroll in a timely and accurate manner. The key features of our advanced trucking payroll software include reduction in the cost for payroll processing, correct payment to employees, flexibility to incorporate benefit packages for employees,  proper computation of all taxes and fees including the earned income credit, support up to four shifts with automatic generation of shift differentials and overtime,  support all Keogh, Cafeteria and 401K plans, you can use job codes for journalizing payroll costs keeping compensation of workman as low as possible, General Ledger entries are created automatically that include voided and manual checks entries and all reporting requirements are satisfied.

Want to learn more about our efficient trucking payroll software? Contact us today for further information.  With a mission to provide your trucking company with a comprehensive software solution have brought you the Trans*Eaz and NOVA payroll modules, the ultimate trucking payroll software.  Our customer support team will treat you more than just customers! So call us now at +1 800-304-1488.

Key features include:

  • Reduces cost to process payroll.
  • Employees paid correctly/Flexibility to incorporate benefit packages.
  • Computes all taxes and fees including earned income credit.
  • Supports up to 4 shifts with automatic generation of shift differentials and overtime.
  • Automatic interface to driver settlements.
  • Supports all 401K, Keogh, and Cafeteria Plans.
  • Job codes can be used for journalizing payroll costs- keeping workman’s comp as low as possible.
  • General Ledger entries are created automatically including entries for voided and manual checks.
  • Reporting requirements fulfilled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reduces cost to process payroll, Employees paid correctly/Flexibility to incorporate benefit packages, Computes all taxes and fees including earned income credit, Supports up to 4 shifts with automatic generation of shift differentials and overtime, Automatic interface to driver settlements, etc.

Trucking software provides a unified way to manage dispatch records, track your drivers, pay invoices, and monitor interstate fuel tax agreement (IFTA) reports.  Managing the billing and rating and the collection processes are  very time consuming.  Allowing software to speed this process allows for accurate billing and increases cash flow.

Call us today and see how Aurora Software, Inc. can work for you!

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