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NOVA’S Brokerage software module is one of the operational components of the Aurora Software,Inc. family of products. With the Brokerage dispatch module you can broker your excess freight or manage your entire brokerage division. While it is important to be able to see and update the status of your brokered software shipments quickly and easily, it is equally important to be able to take orders quickly and easily. The order entry form is designed to keep typing to a minimum.

A few Key Features include:

  • You can look up customer account numbers, and other frequently used information, without leaving the data entry form and drag and drop that information onto the order form. In fact, this drag and drop technique is used throughout the Brokerage operations module.
  • The Brokerage software module is designed to be easy to use and to present pertinent information at a glance.
  • Through the use of airport style status monitors and color coded shipment statuses important operational information is always available.
  • Brokerage dispatch shipments are presented visually and status changes are made with a point and click interface which keeps typing to a minimum.
  • The ability to easily capture and monitor brokered software shipment information is not much use unless it is tightly integrated into your back office.
  • The Brokerage software module is fully integrated with our back office applications, like Billing and Rating, Document Imaging, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Sales Analysis.
  • We also provide a full line of custom programming services, so if you need a particular feature that we don`t have we can add that feature for you.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Shipment status is updated in real time so that you always know the current status of your shipments.
  • All data entry functions are extensively checked for correctness and completeness, keeping data entry errors to a minimum.
  • All customers are credit checked before an order is accepted. Recurring shipments can be created from templates, reducing the amount of keying.
  • Color coded airport style monitors provide up to the minute information regarding the status of your shipments. Full support for multiple locations (freight terminals) and multiple companies.
  • Full integration to PC*Miler, including mapping.
  • Web interface to allow your customers to track their own shipments.
  • Web order entry interface to allow your customers to enter their own shipment information.
  • Access to all aspects of the module are controlled at the user level. So order entry clerks only see what they need to do their jobs, while dispatchers see only what they need to do theirs.
  • The user interface is customizable for each user. So each user gets to see the information that he or she needs.
  • Fully integrated with the Trans*Eaz Billing and Rating module.
  • No data needs to be re-entered when creating your freight bills. Fully EDI capable. Exchange EDI information with your trading partners with no rekeying of information.
  • A comprehensive suite of reports allows you to track performance.
  • Powered by Firebird, an open source database with an active developer community. There are no expensive database licenses to buy. Firebird is ODBC compliant so you can use Crystal Reports or similar software to create your own reports


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