Top 5 Considerations Before Selecting Freight Software In 2023

LTL dispatch module from NOVA
  • Feb 6, 2023

One of the most important parts of the freight industry is freight management. The freight business, in contrast to many others, is constantly evolving. Because shipping methods are constantly being improved, software companies are constantly looking for better ways to assist businesses with their shipping software. They can manage their shipments with the use of good software, which will also help their firm expand. This blog can guide you towards the inquiries you should make before buying freight management software.

Backup & Security:

Software for logistics management is a tool for organising and streamlining business activities. In order to safeguard the programme and the data it contains; a backup and security strategy must be in place. Considering the advancements in technology, it is recommended to go with the cloud-based solution.

Shipment Tracking:

Any company that ships products must have a system in place to keep track of shipments and inform customers periodically. Businesses can monitor their shipments and delivery status with the aid of logistics software that includes a shipment tracking feature. This data can be utilised to enhance customer service, streamline delivery routes, and locate stolen or missing items. Additionally, tracking information might help with predicting and planning for upcoming shipments.

Finance Management:

Having reliable finance software is essential for managing payables, receivables, and other accounting functions regardless of the type of organisation we are in. When buying logistics software, this should be carefully considered. This can keep track of every dollar coming into and leaving the company, along with every bill and invoice. 


Because they enable firms to automate the invoicing process, electronic invoices are an essential component of logistics software. As a result, the business can generate invoices automatically based on data supplied into the system, saving both time and money.


A good software usability programme can benefit a business in a variety of ways, including time & money savings. Users can easily comprehend and use good software. It is also dependable, which means it will not crash and can be utilised in critical situations. All of this adds up to make strong software usability a competitive advantage for a business.Look no further than Aurora Software if you are looking for LTL Tracking Software for the betterment of your business. The Color Vision LTL dispatch module from NOVA is meant to be simple to use and to provide important information to your dispatchers at a glance. NOVA LTL Dispatch Software will maximise the usage of your equipment and drivers, enhance cash flow, remove duplication, and increase your team’s productivity.

Call us today and see how Aurora Software, Inc. can work for you!

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