How important are Backups?

Backup Software
  • Mar 21, 2019

How important is it to have a successful backup of your data? Simply put…EXTREMELY! Have a backup of your data can mean the difference between being down for an hour or being down for days! In the event of a system disaster, a successful backup of your data can be reloaded keeping your company down time to an absolute minimum. Even if a third party company handles your backup process it is ultimately your responsibility to be sure it is being done correctly. It’s without a doubt worth the extra effort on your part to follow up with those who are maintaining this backup process and to understand how it is being done.

In regards to your NOVA backup, when recovering from a disaster, our databases will need to be recovered from a backup performed from our backup database utility, firebird.  This backup can be performed while people are using the software safely so a recovery from it will be more likely to work then a recovery from a third party backup software.  This is performed via a script that is setup and run daily behind the scenes.  You will need to make sure that the directory being backed up to is checked periodically for recent dates and also that is put to external media.

Question. Is you data being backed up? If your answer is anyhting other than a confident “YES!”. then I think it’s time for you to make sure your disaster recovery is in place!  It all starts with a successful backup!

If you have any questions in regards to your company data backups, feel free to call Aurora and we would be happy to assist yo in any way we can.


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