Aurora Software: Customer Thoughts & Reviews.

Sotware Reviews
  • Apr 22, 2019

We’ve recently reached out to our customer base looking for a few software reviews and thoughts in general, and response was nothing short of amazing. For this, we thank you all.

“Aurora chosen as replacement to our current system”

Overall: My overall experience with Aurora Software has been outstanding. Our company has many facets. We are a LTL consolidator with in house warehousing, LTL logistics company, and a TL logistics company with a brokerage division. We looked at many packages before making our changeover and none of the others we reviewed could handle all of our multiple functions. Aurora software has benefited us by giving visibility to our dock operations, as well as our, dispatch and back office functions.

Pros: Features I like most about the software are: Visibility for dispatchers and operations – nothing is hidden or lost Integration between modules – no need for double entry of information Interaction with driver applications – engages drivers and allows simplified updates from driver that are captured immediately into the software, including document images. Customer service and resolution to questions are immediate, personal and thorough

Cons: There is nothing that I currently do not like. The biggest challenge for me in this installation has been wrapping my mind around the simplified structure. Coming from the package we are currently using, I am constantly looking for duplication of data, ‘work-arounds’ for items that cannot be solved, etc. — So far nothing has come up that Aurora has not been able to address.

“Best Dispatch Software”

Overall: From the Sales team, to their support staff, you can count on them to solve any issue that might come up. 99% of the time we find it’s something that one of our staff did wrong, yet they are always willing to help figure it out and train the staff person to make sure they completely understand how the system works. If you in the market for a new system, you have to give Aurora Software a look.

Pros: Simple and easy to use. From customer service, Dispatching, billing, and accounting. Everything you need on one platform. It helps keep my team on the same page as the information about our accounts is available to everyone.

Cons: It’s hard to answer, any time that we have asked for a simpler way to do any process, Aurora has found a way to modify and make our ideas part of their system. You can’t knock a system that works with you and for you.

“Aurora makes things easy.”

Overall: Aurora has outstanding customer service. During our transition to new software, they have gone above and beyond to be sure we have everything we need to keep our business running smoothly.

Pros: I love the variety of features in the software. I’m still learning how much I’m able to do with it. It is easy to navigate and keep up with our customers and their freight.

Cons: Occasionally we have a problem with locating some information that we need, but customer service is amazing and helps us with any problem we face.

“Can’t say enough…”

Overall: I have worked with the Aurora Software team off and on for almost 30 years. They are an amazing group of people that know the business and take pride in what they do. Always there to help and go above and beyond. The programmers are awesome! Whatever your programming needs…they will do it.

Pros: Ease of use, setup is a breeze and easy to navigate through

Cons: I don’t really have any cons but if I have to say something…font could be a tad larger

“Very Impressed with Aurora”

Overall: Overall, we have been extremely happy with the software, and equally important, the support. From our designated Aurora contacts to their help desk, everyone has been more than helpful.

Pros: The architecture is streamlined and efficient. Aurora has a knack for making complex scenarios much more simple and easy to follow.

Cons: At this point, we don’t really have any issues. When things come up, our Aurora support is able to work through the issue or at times create mods.

So it’s time to get a little personal. Each day that I wake up and get ready for work I can’t help but think about how unbelievably lucky I am. I’ve been with Aurora for 21 years and I feel so blessed to call this my career. In addition to working next to those who I feel are the greatest group of talented and brilliant people, I also have the privilege to work with, and for, some of the most amazing people in this transportation industry. I mean who else wouldn’t love having Bill @ Martin send jerky text messages every time the Cubs lose, or receive friendly messages and conversations from Michelle with TSI & Jeff at RMX, being able to say “HAAAAY!” every time I talk to BJ with CMC, or sing the Rockin’ Robin song each and every time Robin with Diamond picks up the phone, and don’t get me started singing with the amazingly talented Tony Scalia @Aberdeen? I have too many customers, aka friends, to be able to name them all on this blog post, just know you’re all loved!
~Jason Buckwalter –Aurora’s Sales & Support Team Member.

Call us today and see how Aurora Software, Inc. can work for you!

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