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Online shipping wizard
  • Sep 15, 2020

Online Shipping Wizard: Easy as 1 – 2 – 3

The  Shipping Wizard is changing the way your customer handles business! Let’s take a closer look and answer a few questions as to what the Wizard now offers, and be sure to click the link to see screen shots.

Q: What can my customer do once signed in?

Online Rate Quotes w/ custom Quote form: The Shipping Wizard will step your customer through entering an order, display for them a rate quote according to their specific account defaults, and allow them to generate and print the quote on your company letterhead. <see screen shot>

Q: After receiving a quote, what’s next?

Online Pick-Up Order entry w/ custom BOL Print: With one click of a button they can quickly turn this quote into a Pickup request and print out the BOL (which also has your logo and company letterhead). <see screen shot>

Q: With the Pickup Request created, what else can your customer do?

Image upload: They can Upload images directly to the order in Real-Time.<see screen shot>

Q: “Ooops!” What happens if they’ve made a mistake?

Order modify: Prior to the order being accepted by your team, they can immediately go in and modify any detail. They can also easily Recreate order from a Past Shipment.  Simply click on the Copy to Wizard button and let the Wizard do the rest! <see screen shot>


Q: What else can the customer do?

View, Print, and Email Documents and Shipment Status information with a single click! If you’d like to see the Shipping Wizard in action we’d love to show you! You can call (800) 304-1488, email Sales@aurorasoftware.com, or Request More Info by filling out a quick form.

Online Shipping Wizard Shipment Status


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