How Does Your Business Benefit from NOVA Software Logistics Tracking System?

  • Jun 22, 2022

Are you looking for a reliable and highly efficient online logistics tracking system? If yes, you should look no further than the air freight tracking software from the NOVA Software family. Your business will take advantage of this online shipment tracking software solution in the best way possible. You can use this software and know how you can improve the overall productivity of your business and control your daily air freight operations. 

In addition, the NOVA Software logistics tracking system can serve the following purposes. Please look at them and know how they can benefit your business. 

  • This software features a customer service screen. This screen enables you to enter all pickups by route ID. It helps in dispatching drivers between two service points quickly. 
  • Use logistics tracking system to determine the standard and alternative service between any two air freight service points, i.e., origin/ destination, airports, or agents. 
  • The air freight dispatch system will store all regular pickups daily or weekly, ensuring a faster and effortless dispatch process. 
  • The air freight tracking software makes the air freight dispatch driver or agent settlement online much more accessible and smoother. 
  • This software solution is ideal for air freight operation, providing air freight tracking, bill entry, and automatic rating. 
  • With the accounting sub-systems, the online shipping tracking software allows you to take advantage of easy-to-use programs. Hence, you can report, review and control your financial situation easily, which minimizes labor costs within air freight operations. 
  • In addition, your business can benefit from different benefits like AP invoice entry, payroll solution, preventive maintenance, fuel and mileage reporting, general ledger, accounts payable, vehicle maintenance and repair, system driver settlements, logs, sales analysis, claim, tracking and electronic data interchange. 

Getting Customer Support Assistance from Aurora Software, Inc. –

Understanding the importance of providing customer service and support, Aurora Software, Inc. knows how to keep its customers happy and fully satisfied. Therefore, for any help and assistance related to the online tracking system, you can contact us between our business hours, i.e., 8 AM- 5.30 PM. In addition, we provide 24-hour emergency support to resolve our customer’s problems as soon as possible. 

If you require any emergency program fixes, they can be transmitted directly to your computer. Furthermore, all subscribe customers receive regular software updates ensuring that your software is up to date. Besides, we provide NOVA Software training at our offices or your convenience. When the updated documents are available, they will be distributed at the earliest. 

When you use online shipment tracking software from NOVA Software, Aurora Software, Inc. will work as a coordinator and will resolve any system problems. In addition, we will suggest you on getting the best hardware solutions if required. Our NOVA Software is your company’s most potent, proven, and affordable online logistics tracking system.

If you need assistance with our online shipment tracking software, feel free to call our team at 800-304-1488 or email us

Call us today and see how Aurora Software, Inc. can work for you!

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