What Is Dispatch Software And How It Helps Businesses

What Is Dispatch Software
  • SUBMITTED BY : Bruce Garcia
  • Dec 14, 2019

Dispatch Software

Dispatch software refers to a digital solution that handles assigning techs to booked jobs, tracking of the truck on the road, tracking of equipment localities, determination of adequate supplies & inventory, and scheduling of future appointments.

What’s a dispatch system?

Ever seen one of those circus tricks where a trickster spins 10-12 plates on poles? Managing drivers & big trucking fleets is quite the same thing – except harder. With numerous details to handle on an everyday basis, you require a system to keep track of it all. Dispatch software does just that, making it an important part of the transportation management system.

What’s service dispatch software?

Service dispatch software is a system that can make a massive difference in the everyday operation of the transportation management industry.

The software empowers dispatchers to effortlessly accomplish tasks that were tedious on pen & paper and make better, faster decisions for maintaining efficiency. They can see where the next appointment, who is assigned, and if they are going to make it on time.

What does a dispatcher do in trucking?

Dispatchers are the people behind the scenes who make sure that truck driver has freight to carry & stick to their scheduled arrival times & destinations. Dispatchers are the backbone of the trucking industry, assisting truck drivers to focus on routes & roads to securely deliver their freight. Truck dispatchers have various responsibilities and they can vary slightly from one company to another.

  • Keep records and monitor drivers’ daily logs for mistakes or infringements and screen their working hours & equipment availability.
  • Keep tabs on the weather at all drivers’ locations to warn possible problems, usually with the assistance of different computer programs.
  • Coordinate & manage the most efficient loads to stay cost-efficient as an organization, combining consignments based on their routes & timelines to curtail how many trucks & drivers are out.
  • Find out the ideal delivery methods & bargain rates directly with customers and vendors, and get the essential documents & permits that drivers will require when transporting livestock or chemicals.

What is the best trucking dispatch software?

It isn’t surprising that with so many trucking dispatch software suppliers out there, it can be overwhelming to find the right provider. Nonetheless, you should look for dispatch software that assures to decrease costs & improve output. You should invest in dispatch software that has the following qualities:

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Feature loaded
  • Made for your company size
  • Made for your business niche
  • Positive customer feedback

So whether you run a Truckload Dispatch, LTL Dispatch, Air Freight Operation, Intermodal Operation, or even a Brokerage operation, Aurora Software is the best software you can use to streamline your transportation management process. We offer tracking software that’ll grow with your specific needs.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ans:- Easy to use, Affordable, Feature loaded, Made for your company size, Made for your business niche, Positive customer feedback. You should invest in dispatch software that has qualities.

Call us today and see how Aurora Software, Inc. can work for you!

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