How Real-Time Container Tracking Software Is Beneficial?

Container tracking software by Aurora Software Inc
  • Nov 20, 2021

Aurora Software, Inc. is the industry leader in intermodal container tracking software and has been providing Transportation Software for the Trucking industry since 1983. We offer a flexible transportation management system that eliminates the hassles of manual tasks efficiently and quickly in a software package called NOVA. We offer a truckload of services to fit every company’s needs.

Intermodal dispatch software by Aurora Software Inc

NOVA offers:

  • Truckload software
  • Less Than Truckload software
  • Air Freight software
  • Intermodal software
  • Brokerage software
  • Warehouse software
  • Depo software
  • Integrated document imaging software
  • Online tracking
  • Online order entry mobile app
  • Fully-integrated accounting software

With our container tracking and intermodal dispatch software, we help to improve transportation and dispatch services while keeping all accounting and deliveries under control. This can help you greatly in keeping track of your dispatchers, equipment, and loads efficiently.

You want your intermodal dispatch software to help you be more productive.

We operate with an aim to improve their bottom line through the deployment of a system that enables them to operate more efficiently. We also guide customers to a more automated workflow that enables them to reduce costs, grow revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

Container tracking software to track your containers in real-time.

Real-time container tracking is a series of technological functions that allows customers, carriers, shippers, and freight forwarders to access the latest status updates on cargo. The transportation industry can benefit greatly by investing in real-time tracking or cargo. The top three benefits of container tracking software include:

  • Reduction in detention and demurrage fees

You can see a drastic reduction in the costs incurred due to demurrage and detention. You will receive timely alerts upon your cargo arrival or delay and handle it appropriately. This will save you greatly from incurring demurrage fees as well as other detention costs. You can save yourself time by using this modern technology by getting timely alerts/notifications on delays/arrivals.

  • Elimination of manual processes

Manual working can be a tedious waste of time. An improvement to this process is the usage of integration of electronic data interchange (EDI). It reduces duplication and other waste. Also, there’s no requirement to manually check every carrier site and find your cargo status. Every container information is centralized for easy access and processing. You will receive accurate and timely notifications and ensure the best delivery schedule.

  • Improved customer satisfaction and communication efficiency

Customers will prefer these improved processes as they know that their shipments will arrive on time. Moreover, it allows you to engage with customers if anything goes wrong. Customers can view all information relating to their cargo and this will give them an extra layer of reassurance. Using container tracking software you can communicate with multiple customers rather than individually mailing or calling them to confirm information.

Technological advancements are a crucial factor in improving service delivery in the shipping industry. And one of the recent developments is real-time container tracking software. This is a huge improvement on traditional manual methods that were associated with human errors and long days. With container tracking software, make your business more responsive to client and partner needs.

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