Aurora’s TransDoc will save Money & Time?

File storage in teams and sharePoint by Aurora Software Inc
  • Mar 2, 2021

How can our in-house developed integrated TransDoc Document Imaging System (DIS) save you lots of money & lots of time, all the while making your customers happy?  Take a look at some of the ways TransDoc can truly help your business.

Your customers want & need their documents

Having the ability to automate the document sending process not only speeds along your receivables but it also keeps your customers happy, and a happy customer means more business! With our integrated TransDoc DIS you have the ability to send documents to your customers within minutes of them being cataloged. So whether your drivers snaps a photo of the shippers bill of lading, or a signed copy of the POD (proof of deliver), those images can be sent via email and/or FTP (file transfer protocol) literally within minutes.

Disaster Recovery

Relying on a paper trail can be risky. For instance, if all of your documents are on paper and your office experiences a disaster, such as a fire or hurricane, you could lose them forever. In the case of certain disasters, electronic files saved to a hard drive can even be at risk. For example, if the physical hard drive is onsite and incurs damage, the files could be irretrievable. Document Imaging Systems can benefit you by helping you avoid these unforeseen scenarios. They offer you the option to store your data off-site to take an extra measure to protect files that are crucial to your business.

Cost Savings

Document Imaging Systems can be costly. However, for many businesses, the upfront cost is worth the long-term investment. To decide whether the upfront cost makes sense for your business, here are 3 areas in which our TransDoc Document Imaging System (DIS) can help you save money:

Real Estate Savings

When businesses store paper files for many years, they often outgrow their space and need to expand to accommodate their storage needs. However, when investing in a DIS, you save money by eliminating the need for extra storage space. A document imaging system converts all of your company’s hard copy files into an electronic format. This can allow you to convert the square footage you were using as storage space into usable office space for your company.

In fact, according to Business Insider, the average price to rent commercial real estate is $23.23 per square foot and continues to rise. Say you allocate 500 square feet for file storage at the average rate of $23.23 per square foot. That equals $11,615 spent per year on real estate for your file storage.

$23.23 x 500 = $11,615

Labor Savings

One commonly “hidden cost” of businesses who rely on paper files is the amount of money spent on labor. Consider that if you use paper files, you likely also have employees who regularly file or retrieve documents. You may be able to cut costs with TransDoc. Let’s say that one of your employees makes $20 an hour and it takes them 5 minutes to go to the file room, find a file, take the necessary action, refile the document, then return to their desk. If that happens 12 times in a week, that equals 1 hour per week that they spend managing paper files, which equals 52 hours a year.

$20/hr x 52 hours = $1,040 in wages per employee

With TransDoc, you can save some serious time by streamlining documents electronically. According to PWC, administrative employees spend up to 50% of their time looking for files when they are not stored efficiently. Many businesses who use a document imaging system are able to downsize their administrative staff, since retrieving files in TransDoc & NOVA is way less time-consuming.

Lost File Savings

When a document is lost or destroyed, there is a cost to recreate that document. In fact, according to PWC, in office environments 7.5% of all documents are lost and 3% are misfiled. Additionally, organizations pay an average of $220 to recreate a lost document. A document imaging system ensures that all of your documents are secure and easy to find. They have a superior backup and recovery system in place, where all documents are stored at a central server location. You no longer have to worry about expenses associated with recreating a lost document.

Remote/Mobile Access

Many document imaging systems can benefit businesses because they include remote access (aka cloud-based connectivity). This allows authorized employees to access documents from home, on the road, or away from the desk. If you have employees who work remotely, a document imaging system is a great way to improve their workflow.

Additionally, remote access allows multiple employees to work on the same document at the same time in different locations. If you have a large number of employees working remotely, a DIS allows access to all necessary files through a web browser.

Many document imaging systems now include mobile access via smartphone. This can seriously help your company boost employee productivity, as smartphones have become a staple tool in the business world. Mobile document imaging software allows the user to:

  • Create files
  • Search documents
  • Edit documents
  • Download documents


Environmental Responsibility

Another reason document imaging systems benefit companies of all types and sizes is their environmental friendliness.

Call us today and see how Aurora Software, Inc. can work for you!

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