What's New!


* Operations, The columns in the LTL, TL and Intermodal can now hide the filters that appear on the top of the panels.  On the top left of each panel below the filter there is a a triangle.  Press this icon and the filters will be hidden.  Press the icon agan and they will appear. 

* A report called Revenue Ranking has been added.  This report will allow the user to specify the number of top accounts to display and in addition will break this data down to inbound and outbound activity.  Previous year comparisons are avaiable. 

* Mileage entrys are now available automatically with the PCMilier interface.  The miles driven can now be put into the fuel and mileage system automatically with the breakdowns by states.  All of this is driven from dispatch.  

* In the Shipment Entry, you can now enter DIM weight.  The entry program will allow for the user to enter heigh X length X width in the Cube field in the body of the shipment. 


*The Driver Mobile application that runs on cell phones or tablets now has the ability to capture real time bill of lading and or delivery receipts. These images will sort into the Nova database for everyone’s use.

* The Connecting Carrier Report has been updated to include tabs for each carrier.  The tabs represent the specific activity for just that carrier.

Connecting Carrier Report

*In the Account File Maintenance then going into the collections tab. The Collection notes will now display from the newest to the oldest.

*In the Account File Maintenance also within the collections tab. There is a new feature. We have added the customers Activity with a Excel export feature.

Account File Maintenance

*On the Equipment history file, within drivers, tractors or trailers there is now a number of days back to display. This will assist in getting the data on the screen that is needed without any waste of resources.

*A Claims system has been added to the suite of Nova programs.

Claims System

*A new tool has been added called Driver Planning. It gives the operator a look into the future of what all your drivers are doing or scheduled to do in the future. July:

* Created a new interface for revenue that goes into Quick Books via a template.

* The Shipment inquiry program now has the ability to enter multiple shipment numbers and multiple pro numbers. In addition when the results are displayed you can go from one shipment to the next by using the arrow keys at the bottom of the shipment entry.

* The Administration program has the control to limit tabs in shipment entry by line of business. Go to administration then to system options, then to shipment controls. Control by TL, LTL, IM, Wh and NO.

* The Repeat Shipments templates have been changed by user input. You now will find it easier to add, change, delete and use this feature. In the Shipment entry in the upper left of the screen you will see a functions icon. Press on that icon.

* Improved Intermodal Drop and Hook operations.

* New Trial Balance report that comes from the general ledger activity.

* New Accounts Receivable Ageing that allows the user to enter a past date. The new program will display all receivables as they were on that date with regards to payments, memos and voids. June:

* Nova Claims system was created and is ready for use.

* The new fully integrated vehicle and maintenance system is rolled out. Integration with purchase orders, kit codes, accounts payable and the general ledger.

* In the general ledger you can now consolidate entries in the past rather than purging.

* A New Hazardous Material system / report is available in Nova.

* The Equipment miles report has been enhanced with the deadhead mileage, loaded miles and empty miles reporting.

* The Brokerage Software in Nova was rolled out with complete integration to the asset based portion of Nova.


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