Driver Wages & Safety Concerns

Driving is a career choice that can lead to a comfortable living without the need for a college degree. It’s a challenging carrer path however allows you to see the country and get paid a great wage to do so! Since 2008 when the Great Recession hit many companies were forced to tighten their belts, which meant lesser pay for the driver, however with the econmy on the mend and becoming stronger by the day, the driver wage is starting to rise and with it comes benefits and hopfully a new batch of drivers.

The new batch of drivers entering the work force is leading to concerns. Currently with the lack of drivers we’re finding more tired drivers carrying the load, so which is leading to the push for licensing drivers as low 18 yers of age. For obvoius reasons this concerns many. Lawmakers definitely have their hands full in working out a safe solution!




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Maximize Productivity

Realize productivity gains in different parts of your business from Dispatch Operations to the Accounting Department.


Web Connectivity

Allow your customers to take advantage of Web-Rating and Web-Tracing. Your customer service staff will have more time for priority tasks.


Appointment Alerts

Appointment Alerts keep your business running on-time and help you avoid demurrage and other fees.


Single Vendor Solution

Aurora Software offers a comprehensive solution that covers all facets of your transportation business.


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